The Fairfax County Democratic Committee, or FCDC, is the largest official Democratic Party organization in Virginia—more than one thousand members strong. Representing the Democrats in Virginia’s largest jurisdiction, FCDC is critical to ensuring Democratic victories in Virginia, with about one in five Democratic votes coming from our county.

We work hard to ensure Democratic victories, here at home and across the Commonwealth. Our network of volunteers gets voters out, provides rides to the polls, and has observers there to ensure that every vote is counted. We engage with the community to educate on Democratic values and issues, building our support and engaging the community for good.

What's at stake in 2023?

Under two years of Democratic control, Virginia made tremendous progress across the board, from enacting common-sense gun safety to an increased minimum wage. The Republicans are unrelenting in attacking voting rights, public education, women’s rights and the LGBT+.

With fifty Democrats to elect in Fairfax County this year, the control of our County and its Schools are in play. Winning back the House and maintaining our brick wall in the Senate starts with electing a Democrat to every seat in Fairfax County. From there, we plan to help our neighboring districts, ensuring that close seats turn into Democratic gains.


For decades, FCDC has held an annual dinner where we celebrate our previous year’s accomplishments and award some of our most dedicated volunteers. This is the second year this event is called the “Blue Fairfax Dinner”, and we think it is a really big deal.

We remember our history with a clear eye on the future, as the Democratic party here in Fairfax County continues to Move Virginia Forward.